5 Essentials to Improving the Project Closeout Process

Jessica Gopalakrishnan| May 9, 2019

Facilities teams are often frustrated at the hand-off when a new building is built, including the delays in getting documentation and having documents they can’t work with (e.g. BIM models or CAD files). Today’s facilities management world includes emergency response in addition to maintenance, and this adds pressure and responsibility. The bottom line is facilities teams need to change the way they think about closeouts. How can FM teams take control and evolve how they interact with information? Learn about new trends and best practices for making the closeout hand-off an easier, more efficient process, and hear five requirements for successfully making the transition to working, responding and recovering faster.

About the author

Jessica Gopalakrishnan Director of Demand Generation, ARC

Jessica Gopalakrishnan is the director of demand generation marketing at ARC. Her expertise lies in educating, inspiring and transforming how we view technology and brands. For over a decade, she has shared innovative solutions with diverse audiences in SaaS/software, including Excite, Cisco Systems and Turnitin.

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