7 Hot Products to Save Time and Money on a Jobsite

Construction jobsites are hyper-busy environments with never-ending challenges that need to be addressed quickly, whether it’s an accident, rework or other surprise. The people on jobsites—construction managers, project partners, architects, engineers, etc.—are often frustrated with the ease and speed of collaboration, sharing of updated information and access to needed files. How can you escape the old ways of slow, tedious processes and inefficiencies?

Join us for a glimpse at the “next generation” jobsite, built with all the technology tools you’ll need to meet the faster pace and high demands of today’s construction projects.

What you will learn:

Latest tech trends and tools that will finally improve the construction jobsite
Ways to speed up communications and make your team uber-productive, working faster and saving on cost
Implementing a paperless workflow on jobsites (and still use paper smartly)

A digital Certificate of Participation will be provided.