Under Pressure: Solving Closeout Inefficiencies

Project managers, general contractors and facilities teams alike are all often frustrated at the lengthy time it takes to close out a newly constructed building. Delivering a connected closeout package ensures that the owner and the GC have quick and easy access to the existing building info, which speeds up the bidding process for TI’s, and speeds up closeouts within weeks instead of months. Better closeouts can also help win more jobs from the same owner. Plus, facilities teams get quick and easy access to documentation that they need, and with continuously updated conformed as-builts showing all historical renovations, it can help minimize change orders on future renovation projects. How can you break the norms between a slow-going, traditional paper / CD / thumb drive deliverable and make the entire process faster and easier? Join this webcast to learn about new trends, technology and best practices for bridging the gaps in construction closeouts.