Benefits of Document Shredding : Maximize Security, Minimize Cost

Dilo Wijesuriya| July 4, 2023

While you are dealing with a client’s confidential data or business information, you need to ensure their security and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands of those people who can use it for harmful purposes. Any document that contains sensitive data should be properly destroyed once you no longer require them. This is where document shredding services come into play.

5 Benefits of Document Shredding Service

  1. Ensure legal compliance and data security
  2. Enhance employee productivity
  3. Convenience
  4. Helps to maintain a clutter-free office space
  5. Peace of mind

1) Ensure legal compliance and data security

For any type of business, whether it is small or big, they need to deal with confidential data and ensure data security is their priority. Secured document shredding provides protection against data breaching when they are no longer required by the organization and ensures legal compliance with Federal regulations.

2) Enhance employee productivity

Hiring secure document destruction can save both your time and money. Businesses that shred their documents involving their employees, keep them away from performing their job responsibilities. By outsourcing shredding services to a third-party service provider, you don’t need to worry about maintaining security while conducting the document shredding process and your employees can concentrate on their core activities where they perform the best.

3) Convenience

There are some shredding service providers who offer both onsite and offsite secure Shredding services. Companies have the freedom to choose an option as per their requirements. A professional shredding service provider offers the following options for document security and shredding.

4) Helps to maintain a clutter-free office space

Outsourcing document shredding services improves the work environment to a great extent as it eliminates office clutter, saves space, and allows you to maintain a professional workplace that boosts employee productivity. Additionally, it keeps your organization environmentally responsible by reducing its carbon footprint.

5) Peace of mind

Hiring a third-party document shredding service provider will give your organization peace of mind that all your sensitive data has been securely destroyed. Whether your business is small or large, protecting sensitive data is highly important for an organization. Contact the shredding team to reduce office clutter and protect data.

What types of businesses require shredding services?

If your business has to deal with documents that contain the following information or data, you should consider choosing secure shredding in order to ensure data compliance and security.

  • Tax information
  • Sensitive company data
  • Income and expense records
  • Personal information of customers or employees
  • Medical records of patients and customers
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card or debit card details
  • Training related information

Types of Document Shredding

When it comes to shredding confidential data, there are various methods available. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate type for your documents based on their sensitivity. Here are the main types:

  1. Strip-cut shredding

  2. Cross-cut shredding

  3. Particle-cut shredding

  4. Pierce-and-tear shredding


1) Strip-cut shredding: 

This common method involves cutting paper into long parallel strips using horizontal blades. Strip-cut shredders are affordable and widely used in homes and offices. However, they offer the least security as reconstructed strips can compromise highly confidential information. Narrower strips are harder to reconstruct.

2) Cross-cut shredding:

 Unlike strip-cut shredding, cross-cut shredders use vertical and horizontal blades to create small square or diamond-shaped pieces. They provide better security by shredding a single sheet of A4 paper into hundreds of pieces. Cross-cut shredders are affordable, widely available, and recommended for average consumers.

3) Particle-cut shredding: 

Also known as micro-cut shredding, this method finely grinds documents into thousands of tiny particles using fine-toothed blades. It eliminates the possibility of reconstruction, making it the most secure option. However, particle-cut shredders are costly and typically used by organizations dealing with highly confidential documents.

4) Pierce-and-tear shredding:

 This method involves heavy-duty rotating blades that pierce and tear paper as it passes through, depositing the shredded material into a large holding bin. Pierce-and-tear shredding is commonly used for industrial purposes and can handle bulky materials like cardboard boxes and thick binders. It is not practical for regular office or home use.

Where do you find a reputable service provider?

To find a reputable service provider, you don’t need to go further as ARC Document Solution is here – a reputable shredding service provider across North America.. No matter where you are located or how big or small your requirement is, you can request our service online and ask for a quote to get an estimate of the overall cost.

Security should be the top priority of the document shredding process. You may find many companies that treat security as an extra. But in document shredding, security is the main essence and to ensure that here at ARC Document Solutions, we maintain a chain of custody. Chain of custody refers to how your information is handled, collected, and protected during the document shredding process.

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