Creating an oasis of stunning visual vibrancy, within the beating heart of London!

Delphine Wilson| April 29, 2021

ARC brought the X Factor back to King’s Cross when our client – Argent LLP – asked us to reinvigorate the area with splashes of colour and an incredible vibrancy, which brings so much energy and positivity!

The high-profile King’s X Redevelopment Project is a ‘once in a generation’ transformation of an area, which is synonymous with one of the worlds most renowned Railway Stations and is also, of course, a landmark location, which is revered by locals and visitors from every corner of the globe.

One of ARC UK’s shining lights, within our Business Development Team – Josh Davies – has worked tirelessly to help the ARC UK team deliver some of the most amazing pavement, wall, and hoarding graphics we have ever produced.

Josh explains the scale of the project and the relationship with the client, which has helped to deliver the already stunning results and enabled the respective teams to work together on the continuation of the project, until it’s eventual completion:

“The King’s Cross project is one of the largest and most exciting redevelopments in London; situated on what was once an underused industrial wasteland, which is being completely transformed into a hugely impressive new area of the city.

The development includes a large number of variable new homes, shops with many recognisable global brands, multiple scale office space, galleries, restaurants, schools, and even a university… and, of course – something, which is very close to my own heart; a multitude of new bars, which will invariably help to create a fresh and vibrant community spirit.

What is being created is essentially a completely new and transformed space, within an area of London, which even has its own postcode – N1C..!

The element of the project, which was commissioned by Argent LLP, consists of a vast meterage of exterior vinyl and anti-slip laminate, which has all been printed and installed by the ARC Team – on schedule and within budget.

Huge areas of site hoardings and large swathes of pavement areas have been covered by hugely imaginative designs – printed on durable, specialist materials, which help to accentuate the experience visitors and passers-by can and will enjoy for the duration of the project, and years to come thereafter..

I was deeply impressed with the designs our client produced and witnessing the creation of this incredible transformation, in real time, was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my career.

I particularly love the snakes and ladders, which were designed as a brilliantly fun way to create a one-way system – up the ladder and down the snake. The static fountains are hugely popular and have been dubbed the London equivalent of the Las Vegas Bellagio, which is no bad thing!

There’s even a crossword for the wordsmiths and word search for the kids – both young and old!

I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that none of it would have been possible without the creative genius and organisational skills of the Argent Team.

What we have collectively achieved is an unbelievable visual transformation of a development project, which will become a beacon of social vibrancy and a uniquely special hub, which the city of London can rightly be proud of.”

London’s King’s Cross Regeneration Project is Powered by ARC and Commissioned by Argent LLP