Archiving & Information Management Mini White Paper

Documents are changing. Increasingly interwoven into the daily activities of knowledge workers, documents can no longer be constrained by the limitations and expense of paper. Businesses need to have immediate access to their intellectual property. Companies facing the daunting task of digitizing and integrating their documents into a single, searchable platform should look for a partner with a customer-centric migration strategy, rather […]

Archiving & Information Management White Paper for the Power Industry

Ready access to accurate information is imperative to achieving the business results required to remain competitive in today’s power industry environment. Whether electric power is generated by fossil, nuclear or renewable fuels such as wind or solar, timely access to information is essential to meeting daily demands for operation, maintenance and modification of existing power generating stations. Companies seeking to […]

AIIM White Paper – Putting Archived Content into Play

Despite the fact that these days almost all documents, drawings, specifications and business documents are created digitally, we still live in a hybrid world of paper and digital. This is particularly true in those areas where records are kept for a long time — often because the building, plant, hospital, school, patient or client has […]