Retail & Construction Barricade Solutions

Transform Your Site with Wall Barricades and Temporary Walls

Transform your site during construction using Wall Barricades with vibrant colors and eco-friendly graphics.

Barricades engage local communities with captivating images and dazzling colors. These immersive representations positively influence perceptions and enhance your company’s brand identity while building anticipation of what’s to come. Additionally, the enclosure systems offer strategic advertising space and can bring some fun to any areas under renovation.

Our Modular Temporary Walls are easy and fast to assemble, dismantle, and store, providing a reusable, sustainable, and durable solution. They are ideal for retailers, shopping malls, airports, and any construction sites.

Temporary Wall Barriers can also be used to subdivide any space to adapt to new demands, such as creating smaller workspaces or rooms. Whether you need a Mall Barricade or a solution for a construction site, our barricades are the perfect choice.

Transform your Construction Sites into Inviting Spaces with Temporary Barricades!

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Why buy it when you can rent it!

ARC offers short-term all-inclusive rental program of our temporary modular wall systems:

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  • blue tickModular walls
  • blue tickWall installation
  • blue tickSuperior graphic printing
  • blue tickGraphic application
  • blue tickInstallation
  • blue tickTakedown
  • blue tickRecycling
  • blue tickTemporary storage
  • blue tickDelivery

Stunning barricades and well-designed wayfinding signage will greatly enhance your branding and improve the overall site safety! Our team of experts will help you create customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Modular Temporary Walls

Wall Systems by

Swift wall

We are proud to partner with Swiftwall to bring you the latest in modular walls.

5x faster Install 5x faster Install
Easy & Less Mess Easy & Less Mess
Durable & Lightweight Durable & Lightweight
Stackable Stackable
Reusable & Sustainable Reusable & Sustainable

Temporary barricades are perfect for construction projects and TI such as lease spaces, mall renovations, kiosks and more. Easily stored, stacked and reconfigured, while eliminating waste with reusable materials.

Dive into the World of Temporary Barricade Solutions

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Big Saving with Sustainable Temporary Walls

Compare your overall cost of using traditional temporary drywall for your TI and using Swiftwall sustainable temporary barricades. You could Save up to 61%.

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How does it work?

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See the transformation!

Hollywood Park Barricade 4 Graphic Install
Before 11
Hollywood Park Barricade 4 Graphic Install right 1
Before 3
After 4
Before 4
After 5
Before 5
After 6
Before 7
After 7

Modular temporary wall system and graphics at work

We are where you are!

With 140 locations in Northern America, we can support you where you need us!

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Modular Temporary Walls - A Sustainable Solution

Sustainable Temporary Walls

SwiftWall and ARC are committed to providing greener, safer, sustainable and reusable solutions to transform the temporary wall and construction barrier industry.

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Skip the Landfill

What’s better than recycling? Reusing.

Historically, SwiftWall panels are reused 4+ times, with our earliest customers reusing the same wall system 15+ times. SwiftWall modular wall systems can be reconfigured into various layouts to be reused again and again. And because the system components are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, material waste is minimized, and on-site air quality is preserved.

Compare that with 12% waste created during drywall installation1, not to mention the 100% waste created when drywall barriers are eventually removed and disposed of after project completion. In fact, used drywall creates waste in our landfills – one ton for every 70 feet of wall. SwiftWall systems are also prefabricated from eco-friendly materials, so if a panel ever becomes damaged, much of it can be recycled. For example, our SwiftWall Max system is over 90% recyclable, cradle-to-cradle.

16.1+ million pounds

of waste eliminated from landfills since 2017.

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Customer Testimonial on Transform Kingston Project

John, Stacey, and the whole ARC team were all very helpful; from organising the quote, to assisting with design and then the installation itself. I felt confident in their ability when they came down to site to meet with the contractors, and worked with our architects to ensure all of the final details were accurate before print and install. The hoardings look great, all - round, we're very pleased.

Rebecca Wakefield (she/her)
Communications and Engagement Lead - Major Regeneration Projects Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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