ARC Document Solutions Matches Customer Donations for Worldwide Reforestation Efforts

August 13, 2019 | San Ramon, CA: ARC Document Solutions (NYSE:ARC) announced today a new, collaborative initiative to help restore the natural resources its customers use every day through its managed print services and construction document management offerings. The new sustainability program, called “Print & Plant,” encourages ARC ARC Document Solutions Worldwide Reforestation Effortscustomers to help plant a new tree for every “tree’s worth” of paper used in their office printers.

“Print & Plant is an inexpensive, easy and environmentally-responsible donation-matching program,” said Dilo Wijesuriya, Chief Operating Officer for ARC. “The overwhelming

majority of our customers are concerned with protecting the environment, and they recognize that the printing they do, while necessary, has an impact on the world around them. Our program collects a tax-free donation as small as 50 cents, adds a matching donation from ARC, and uses the money to plant trees in certified reforestation programs around the world. It’s a ‘do-good and feel-good’ initiative, and we’re proud to be kicking it off with our customers.”

Print & Plant

On average, a tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper. That’s the magic number for ARC’s donation-matching program. Here’s how it works:

  • ARC tracks the paper use of each participating customer and issues a donation invoice each month based on consumption.
  • For every 8,333 sheets of paper printed, a customer can donate 50 cents or one dollar.
  • ARC matches the donation, and forwards it to their tree-planting partner, One Tree Planted.
  • The non-profit organization plants a tree for every dollar it receives, so donations fund the planting of one or two trees for every “tree’s worth” of paper consumed by an ARC customer.

Customers receive materials from ARC and from One Tree Planted to help them spread the word about their environmental stewardship, and reforestation projects around the world benefit from the donations.

For more than a decade ARC has engaged in sustainability initiatives throughout the company’s nationwide network of service centers, and in thousands of customer locations. From transforming old construction plans into high-end note pads, collecting and reusing paper roll cores, promoting and using paper that contains high volumes of recycled content, and simply installing energy efficient lighting and equipment in their facilities, each initiative has been designed to support or local or regional operation.

“We’ve always tried to do our part to help conserve our natural environment, and through One Tree Planted, we’ve already planted 5,000 trees ourselves,” said Mr. Wijesuriya. “But this is the first time we’ve been able to engage our entire customer base to help. With more than 90,000 customers, the potential impact is enormous.”

About Print & Plant

For more information about ARC Document Solutions’ new program, visit the company’s “Print & Plant” website. To explore ARC’s planting partner, visit One Tree Planted.

About ARC

ARC offers a complete range of print services and technology solutions to all businesses and consumers. The architectural, engineering, and construction industries use ARC’s technology platforms to manage essential information used to run construction projects, archive documentation as well as servicing facilities organizations. ARC’s commitment to innovation, quality and reliability deliver outstanding value and service to its 90,000 customers every day. (NYSE: ARC).

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