ARC Launches Value Calculator to Help Facility Teams Quantify Cost Savings from Using Mobile Facilities Dashboards

Online tool quantifies the financial impact of incorporating mobile solutions into building operations

June 20, 2018 (San Ramon, CA) – In a mobile-centric era and a “do more with less” directive in the built space to be more efficient and productive, ARC Document Solutions (NYSE: ARC) launched an interactive, online value calculator that enables facilities, engineering and maintenance management teams to quantify the financial impact of incorporating mobile facilities dashboards into their operations. Based on usage to date, annual cost savings average six figures and can exceed a million dollars or more depending on the size of the facility and facilities staff.

The costs of acquiring new building management tools often cannot be compared to the savings they will generate, which delays or even prevents meaningful process improvements. Entering criteria such as the number of buildings managed, staff size, hours worked, retiring workers, and the impact of emergencies and catastrophes will generate a customized report based on comparisons to industry-average estimates from building management surveys and trade group research.

The comprehensive, customized 4-page PDF report is free of charge, and is generated online within a few minutes.

“The ARC value calculator is a powerful tool that helps FMs explain the value of mobile solutions and mobile facilities dashboards to their budget approvers, and gain insights into their operations so they can discover for themselves where they can find additional operational savings,” stated Brian Bailard, EVP of ARC Technology Solutions, a unit of ARC Document Solutions. “While facility teams can expect to achieve cost savings and increased productivity on day-to-day tasks; they will also be equipped to actively mitigate risks during emergencies with instant access to building information and emergency plans. It’s our goal to help the built space modernize their operations to allow for greater efficiency, productivity and resiliency.”

The calculator provides industry-average cost-savings estimates based on proprietary market research. The baseline industry standards for the value calculator were established with data gathered from 179 Facilities Directors and Managers in August 2017 when ARC partnered with AIIM Research to conduct an industry survey.

“Whether managing an educational institution, hospital or commercial property, all too often FMs lack insights into their operations,” said Todd Moore, national director of facilities technology at ARC. “This free, cost avoidance tool provides guidance on industry standards, facilitates visibility into operations gaps and helps management identify opportunities to more efficiently manage their buildings.”

ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs and mitigate the risk of catastrophes by enabling anytime, anywhere access to building information by facilities professionals. The Dashboards also help eliminate the avoidable costs of unleveraged warranties and overtime while enabling succession planning, improving customer service delivery and accelerating employee onboarding.

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ARC provides technology and document solutions for every stage of the building lifecycle. ARC solutions deliver productivity improvements and cost savings by providing instant access to accurate facilities information anytime, and on any mobile device, online or offline. Facilities managers use dashboard apps to view, update and share documents for maintenance requests, during construction projects, and in the event of an emergency. (NYSE: ARC)

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