ARC Offers Nationwide HIPAA-Compliant Document Conversion Services

July 18, 2019 | San Ramon, CA: ARC Document Solutions (NYSE: ARC) today announced the introduction of its HIPAA-compliant records management solution. Its new conversion centers and cloud hosting infrastructure are now available to customers nationwide who require legally compliant digital transformation of documents that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Due to the strict security required for the storage of physical documents containing protected information – including 24/7 video surveillance of dedicated document rooms where they are stored – the demand for digital conversion is high and extends far beyond the healthcare industry.

“While the common understanding of protected health information assumes that protected data is only present in health records, documents that contain PHI can be found in a large variety of businesses and document types.” said Kumar Wiratunga, ARC’s Vice President of Technology Solutions. “Considering our extensive experience in archiving, records management and cloud services, a HIPAA-compliant solution to assist our customers in document conversion was a natural development for us.”ARC Document Solutions HIPAA-Compliant Document Conversion Services

ARC manages protected information in documents such as human resources and finance records, student records, permitting and certification documents, travel and transportation files, disability documentation, workers comp information and more. Physical documents containing protected information are secured inside ARC’s HIPAA-compliant service centers while they are being scanned, converted and posted to a proprietary cloud platform.

“Most of our customers want to move away from paper and so-called ‘digital landfills’ of unstructured data,” said Wiratunga. “Documents that can be used on the cloud are more sustainable, offer better access management, and improve security and data privacy. But our customers with PHI were really struggling to find a solution that delivered a turnkey document conversion and cloud solution. We were delighted to discover how we could help by leveraging our existing infrastructure and foundation for document security into this new market.”

For more information about how ARC helps you manage your protected information, visit HIPAA Compliance, or visit ARC’s blog to delve deeper into PHI and ePHI. To contact ARC about its HIPAA-compliant records management solution, call (855) 500-0660.

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