ARC Releases New App Connecting Global Print Centers to Mobile Phones 

ARC Print app users can place print orders, track jobs and share files with ARC’s 190 service centers worldwide

February 25, 2019 | San Ramon, CA: ARC Document Solutions (NYSE:ARC) announced today that its new mobile app, called ARC Print, allows users to order prints, share files, and track orders at nearly 200 services centers around the world. ARC delivers more than 120,000 black-and-white and color print jobs a month, including architecture drawings, close-out packages, construction signage, office graphics, marketing binders, and more for its 90,000 customers.

“Our customers are increasingly mobile, working everywhere and anywhere, and they still use a great deal of print,” said Dilo Wijesuriya, Chief Operating Officer of ARC. “Email is by far the most popular way of sending a job to a service center, but it’s also the most cumbersome. The new ARC Print app makes it easy for customers on the go to find a service center, order printed work from wherever they are, track a job’s progress in real time, and arrange for delivery wherever the documents are needed.”

ARC Print app features include:

  • Send Files for Print – Transmit files as large as 3GB to any worldwide ARC location for print or for a quote.ARC Document Solutions App Connecting Global Print Centers to Mobile Phones
  • Receive Real-time Job Updates – As an order progresses through production, users can track when the file was downloaded by the print center when it enters production, and as its shipped or delivered.
  • Schedule a Pick-Up – Choose a time and location for the ARC print center to pick up originals or other materials required to produce the job.
  • Set Delivery Options – After printing, users can indicate where and when to send it, request a hold for will-call, or designate a service center closest to the final destination to avoid customs, excess delivery charges, or having to travel with physical documents.


The ARC Print app easily connects documents stored in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook and other cloud document applications.
The new ARC Print app is currently available on Apple’s iOS for the iPhone and iPad. For Android tablets and other Android smartphone makers, as well as mobile phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, the app will be
available soon.
Future versions of the ARC Print app will connect to over 40,000 printing devices in more than 10,000 locations and construction project sites as part of ARC’s Managed Print Services (MPS), and to SKYSITE, ARC’s proprietary construction document management platform, creating an even more seamless print and document experience for its users.



About ARC Document Solutions

ARC offers a complete range of print services and technology solutions to all businesses and consumers. The architectural, engineering, and construction industries use ARC’s technology platforms to manage essential information used to run construction projects, archive documentation as well as servicing facilities organizations. ARC’s commitment to innovation, quality and reliability deliver outstanding value and service to its 90,000 customers every day. (NYSE: ARC)


PR Contact:
Jessica Gopalakrishnan
Director of Marketing