The truth is that your guests don’t want to waste time installing your software to ensure a secure environment for you. So, if you are looking for the best-in-class hassle-free printing solution for your guests, the Abacus print solution is the perfect choice for you. It’s plain, simple and easy to install.


Abacus Print Software Overview:

It’s time to know Abacus Print Solutions work:

  • Contactless Login: You can simply log in by scanning QR codes and authenticating from your device.
  • Set Your Print Preference Remotely: You can set your print preferences like quantity, color/BW, printing sides remotely
  • Email to Print: The software allows you to send your documents to devices via email for easy retrieval
  • Assign Prints: You can assign your print job to a project number for easy reimbursement or to your department for reporting expenses
  • Add from Cloud: This feature enables you to leverage cloud storage for seamless print submission

Know how Abacus Can Benefit Your Organization:

  • No room for guesswork: it streamlines the entire printing process so there’s no chance for any potential confusion.
  • Smart printing: print and release any document instantly and remotely from any Abacus-enabled device.
  • Excellent user experience: ensure a consistent and secure experience for your staff with Abacus enabled device.
  • A perfect contactless experience: It ensures a contactless experience for your guests by allowing them to authenticate from their mobile devices.
  • Centralized scan-to-email and scan-to-file management system: the system ensures zero need for device configuration.