Mobile Desk Screens

Customize with your school colors and mascot

Cube Mate is a lightweight mobile learning companion which helps students and faculty to maintain social distance and reduce the spread of germs. Perfect for:

  • Desktops
  • Science labs
  • Cafeterias
  • Auditoriums
  • Areas where students sit across from each other
  • Libraries, and more
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When used together with a face mask, our new mobile desk screens add an extra layer of protection and can help lower the risk of infection from airborne droplets.

Choose from 2 sizes:


Cube Mate

23” wide x 23.5” tall x 16” deep on sides


Cube Mate Junior

23” wide x 20” tall x 16” deep on sides


Panels: 4mm Coroplast

Windows: Optically clear polycarbonate

Weight: Under 1 lb

Lightweight and customizable with your school colors and mascot

Hand washable with mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol

Proudly designed and manufactured in the US


Additional budgeting options:

  • CARES ACT funds
  • GSA Schedule pre-approved discount (GS-O3F-142DA)
  • School/Parents split contribution

ARC is working hard to support our customers during these unprecedented times. To do our part, we’re offering some essentials below to help you continue to do your job while maintaining a healthy environment for you, your family, and your organization.

To help combat the spread of COVID-19, ARC has created a digital storefront containing an assortment of CDC posters, signs, and floor graphics. Available in multiple languages and laminated for easy sanitizing, our graphics include hand washing signs, germ prevention, social distancing, and more.

Explore Download COVID-19 Graphics Catalog View Return to Work Graphics Video Installation Instructions - Floor Decals

As schools begin to reopen their classrooms amid COVID-19, most institutions will need to adopt new protocols and carefully plan how to create a safe learning environment for students and staff.

This collection of graphics is designed especially for educational institutions that are operating amid COVID-19 and offers a variety of posters and floor graphics that help schools provide crucial health and wellness information to students, staff, and parents.

Explore Download Back to School Graphics Catalog View Education Graphics Video

Office Backdrops

Our office backdrops instantly convert any room in your home into a professional office. Available in 36”W and 48”W, these are perfect for video conferencing anywhere in your home and roll up into a compact footprint when not in use.

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To help you fight the spread of COVID-19, ARC can produce splash proof face shields for your team and customers. They are durable and washable and made in our service centers. The face shields are easy to assemble and come in box of 25 units.

Order your face shields now

ARC’s service centers remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak to help support essential services in our communities. Simply select your service center, then you can place orders, upload files, get quotes, and pick up your prints - or we’ll deliver to your door.

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If you have documents that need to be scanned, archived, or indexed, you can drop them off at one of our 170+ US service centers, or schedule us to swing by to pick them up from your location. Our document management platform also offers cloud-based storage to make it easy to collaborate remotely with your team.

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You may find yourself working from home without some of the supplies and items that you normally have access to at your office. Whether you need paper and toner, a printer, a desk, or an entire office, ARC can help you get back up to speed quickly.

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ARC and Riot recognize and support essential services within our communities we serve. Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe, we appreciate everything you do.

ARC employees recently built and donated protective face shields to our first responders at Canyon County Paramedics in Boise, ID. Thank you for your commitment to our community!

Our Honolulu, HI service center team members have constructed and donated face shields to the ICU at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.  We appreciate all that you do to keep us safe.

Foreign Language Signage

We're proud to offer translation services for many of the COVID-19 graphics in our collections. Please contact us at to discuss any foreign language signage needs you may have.

Ideal for:

  • Offices
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Lobbies
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Schools & Universities

Foreign Language Posters

Share facts about covid-19 - Chinese

Stop The Spread - Chinese

Stop The Spread of Germs - Spanish

Stop The Spread of Germs - Vietnamese

Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease - Chinese

Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease - Spanish

What to do if you are sick - Chinese

What to do if you are sick - Spanish

What you need to know -Chinese

What you need to know - Spanish

Keep calm and wash your hands - Arabic

Keep calm and wash your hands - Bengali

Keep calm and wash your hands - Chinese

Keep calm and wash your hands - Spanish

Keep calm and wash your hands - French

Stay healthy wash your hands - Spanish

6-Feet apart - Spanish

Please wash hands - Spanish

Temperature check - Spanish

Staff and students only - Spanish

Child hand off station - Spanish

Please sit - Spanish

Overview - Spanish

Overview - Spanish

Sanitization station - Spanish

Wash Hands - Spanish

L-Arrow - Spanish

R-Arrow - Spanish

Location - Spanish

Protect your health - Spanish

Sanitization station - Spanish

Wash hands - Spanish

L-Arrow - Spanish

R Arrow - Spanish

Location - Spanish

Wash your tools - Spanish

Do not enter area - Spanish

One way left - Spanish

One way right - Spanish

One way forward - Spanish

Wait area clear - spanish

Temperature check station - Spanish

No Entry with symptoms - spanish

Face mask required beyond this point - Spanish

2-Persons Max - Spanish

Do not use desk - Spanish

Social distance grocery store - Spanish

Social distance - Spanish

4-Persons Max - Spanish

Please Wear Face Mask - Spanish

Prevent Spread Face Mask - Spanish

Indoor (3mil Laminated Paper Encapsulation) or Outdoor/Direct Sunlight (4mm Coroplast) | Sizes: 11"x17", 18"x24", 24"x36", 30"x40"

Foreign Language Floor Decals

Wait Area Clear - Spanish

Social Distancing - Spanish

Please Keep 6 Feet Distance - Spanish

Social Distancing - Spanish

STOP Please Keep Your Distance - Spanish

Please Wait Here Large Footprints - Spanish

Open Circle - Spanish

Sit Here Circle - Spanish

Social Distancing - Spanish

Indoor Adhesive Floor Vinyl w/5mil non-slip laminate | Sizes: 13” Circle, 13”x10” Rectangle, 14.5"x13" Triangle

ARC recommends installing floor decals indoors to avoid premature wear and tear.

Foreign Language Miscellaneous

ZONE 1 Sign

ZONE 2 Sign

ZONE 3 Sign

Size: 24"x24"

Maintain 6 Ft

Indoor Adhesive Floor Vinyl w/5mil non-slip laminate
ARC recommends installing floor decals indoors to avoid premature wear and tear.

RTW4 Maintain 6-ft 3x5 - spanish
Size: 3x5

POP Banner

Stop The Spread

Now you can order Covid-19 Signage by using your mobile device